Maindhan Official Trailer

Release Date 7 August 2014
Duration 2 Hour 18 Minutes
Director C.Kumaresan
Distributor Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd
Genre Action, Comedy
Language Tamil
Cast C.Kumaresan, Shaila Nair, Geetha THR, Uthaya THR, Sheezay, Darkkey, Rabbit Mac

Dev’s life is a mess! A drifter turned alcoholic who is still haunted by the love he once lost, Shalu. An accidental meeting with a witty little orphan boy, turns his days upside down. His car no longer becomes the most important thing in his life and instead he now battles a human trafficking syndicate. In the meantime, he forms a deep friendship with Arun. Whilst trying to save Arun from the syndicate – he accidentally kidnaps Gayatri who is about to get engaged later in the evening. Thus begin another chain of crazy events that see the couple eventually falling in love. Inspired by his new relationships with Arun and Gayatri, Dev brings Arun’s tormentors to justice, and at the same time, finds love and true happiness.

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