In The Dark

In The Dark Official Trailer

In The Dark
Release Date 27 March 2014
Duration 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Director Yeo Joon Han
Distributor GSC Movies
Genre Horror
Language Mandarin
Cast Wang Po Chieh, Candy Lee, Jennifer Foh

The story revolves on a Taiwanese guy, Joseph (Wang Poh Chieh) who resides in Kuala Lumpur. He meets his girlfriend May (Jennifer Foh), a local music school teacher and her best friend cum colleague Vivien (Candy Lee). It was love in first sight for Joseph and May, but their happiness was short lived when May dies from a car accident.Joseph unable to cope with her loss starts to encounter weird visions and incidents after May’s death. To make complicate matters, May was killed with an unidentified male in the car. Joseph then seeks help from Vivien and tried many ways to communicate with May but things get complicated when “other spirits” starting to haunt them instead of May.

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